It is my passion to CAtch  BEAUTY FROM THE AIR

    Martin Sacha - Aerial Cinematographer

I am a unique combination of Feature Films Cinematographer and Aerial Cinematographer. I am a talented, awarded artist capturing cinema movies and TV commercials. However I also love Aerial filming.

Therefore, I understand the needs of your commercial or film as a whole, although I may only film a few seconds of it.

I offer a wide range of services including scouting, timing, choosing or recommending suitable locations, equipment and technology. I attend meetings with film directors and/or producers.  I provide a complex delivery not only "a shooting day".

I am acquiented with the best film pilots in Europe and America.

I ceased owning specific aerial equipment and instead, I search for and offer the best solutions for your needs. I work with the best stabilized systems in the world: Shotover K1,F1, Gyron Super G, Stab C, Cineflex and others.

Wherever I am now, I can be at your location tomorrow.


I deeply focus on the Aerial beauty of the world.